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Lemonick Symposium for QUEST 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Program in Teacher Preparation

41 William Street, Princeton University

The Lemonick Symposium is a reunion of QUEST and CONNECT-ED

2012 participants and a time to share your talents and ideas.  

At the Symposium teachers share lessons for inquiry-based instruction.

Please plan to join us in a collegial learning community.  

The Lemonick Symposium will be held Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at the Program in Teacher Preparation 41 William Street, on the Princeton University campus from 3:30 - 5:30 (food will be served).

At the Symposium teachers gain ideas about science and math resources, assessment and lessons inspired by participation in QUEST and CONNECT-ED.  Exchange of lessons and ideas is a valuable part of the QUEST experience, and that is why we stipulate that participants attend the Symposium when they registered for the summer institute.  See the Lesson Sharing Guidelines below (in this message) describing how we share ideas at the Symposium.  

The Symposium registration form is on-line. Registration deadline for the Symposium is March 15, 2013.   Upon receipt of registrations, we will send you a confirmation and parking information. Please contact Gina Mastro, mastro@princeton.edu, if you have problems registering online.  

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Lemonick Science and Math Teaching Award

In recognition of Dr. Aaron Lemonick and his devotion to QUEST, we are offering science and math teaching awards to help teachers implement inquiry-based instruction.  

The Lemonick Teaching Award application deadline is March 4, 2013. The Teaching Award application is accessed from a dropdown box on the Symposium registration page.    

Contact Anne Catena (609-258-2537) or e-mail, acatena@princeton.edu to discuss any aspect of the Lemonick Symposium or the Lemonick Teaching Award. The symposium lesson sharing guidelines are below. We look forward to a terrific day.  

Lesson Sharing Guidelines Lemonick Symposium

The featured Symposium speakers are QUEST and CONNECT-ED teachers!  The intent of the symposium is for our teachers to share ideas and lessons for inquiry-based instruction.  

During the Symposium, we ask that teachers be prepared to talk for 5 minutes about a science or math lesson implemented as a result of their QUEST and/or CONNECT-ED experience.  The talk is very informal and there is no expectation to prepare a presentation.  Teacher discussions will take place among a small group of colleagues and it would be fantastic to engage your colleagues in a sample hands-on activity from your lesson (it’s not essential, but it would be fun). 

The lessons shared should be inquiry-based and could focus on science, math, technology or the integration of these areas with other curriculum content.  Teachers should prepare to talk about things that worked especially well with the lesson, what teachers learned from the activity and from their students.    

Teachers’ talks should focus on one of the following:  

  • An original lesson  inspired by QUEST or CONNECT-ED or  
  • A QUEST or CONNECT-ED lesson adapted for  your classroom – explain how and why you changed it or
  • Any lesson adapted to be more inquiry based - explain how you adapted it.

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