The Program in Teacher Preparation at Princeton University is dedicated to supporting students who choose to be in the nationís service and the service of all nations through a commitment to education. By providing rigorous academic experiences and authentic field based learning, the program empowers our students to become caring educators who know their subjects, understand learning and teaching, and apply these skills in a variety of professional settings.

In order to accomplish this and honor the passion, idealism, and commitment that students bring to Teacher Prep, the Program:

  • Provides learning opportunities that build upon our studentsí subject area expertise and develop their theoretical and professional knowledge base using research of effective practices and accepted standards within the profession;
  • Requires that students demonstrate and defend the application of their acquired knowledge and skills in the classroom;
  • Collaborates with a range of partners to create and maintain a professional network and integrated outreach programs that support our studentsí learning and benefit our community;

  • Assists students in their transition from the University to a professional environment by helping them to find placements and offering support to them in their first years of service.


Program Goals


The Program in Teacher Preparation:

  1. develops students who demonstrate subject matter knowledge, understanding of learning and teaching, and instructional proficiency as identified by relevant professional standards.

  2. individualizes learning experiences, encourages reflection, and provides mentoring to support the variety of ways in which its students seek to apply the skills and attributes acquired while in Teacher Prep.

  3. provides quality outreach and development programs that benefit the communities the Program serves and enhances the professional growth of its faculty, students and alumni.

  4. works with other leaders in the field of education, University colleagues, program alumni, and associated partners to engage in and strengthen networks that advance professional practice.

  5. collects and analyzes data to inform decisions that support student and alumni growth and to ensure that it meets or exceeds relevant standards and expectations while adhering to its specific goals and mission.

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