Prospective Students

The following resources are designed for students or members of the public who wish to find information about the program's application process, requirements, and financial aid support.
The Who Should Apply link provides information describing the benefits of the program and the eligiblity requirements to apply.
The Program Requirements page provides an overview of course, testing, and other requirements for completing the program and for state licensure.
The Practice Teaching page describes what students can expect as they complete the Practice Teaching (also called student teaching) requirement of the program and various options for scheduling the Practice Teaching semester.
The Financial Aid link offers information and options for receiving financial support for the "9th Semester" option used for Practice Teaching.
The TPP Handbook link opens a PDF file containing detailed program information regarding the program and its requirements.
The Application Procedures page describes the application process and timelines.
The Online Application page is password protected and is available to students who have initiated the application process by meeting with a Teacher Prep staff member.

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