Program Requirements

General Education Courses

student iin classThe State of New Jersey requires that candidates for teacher certification complete one course in each of the following areas: fine arts, humanities, mathematics, science, social sciences, human and intercultural relations, and technology.   AP credit that has been accepted by the University can be used to satisfy General Education requirements, and students should consult the TPP Student Handbook or their Teacher Prep advisor to verify courses that will satisfy specific requirements.

Introductory Practicum

The Introductory Practicum is scheduled individually for each student and consists of two site-based observations of teachers and two accompanying discussion sessions.  It is completed before beginning Program coursework.

Educational Psychology (PSY 307)

Educational Psychology focuses on the fundamental principles of psychology relevant toteacher reviewing work with students educational theory and practice.  The course is taken during the junior or senior year.

Seminar on Learning and Teaching (TPP 301)

The seminar is a full-credit course that includes a laboratory component and a school-based practicum designed with the objective of preparing students to step into the classroom and begin their practice teaching.  The seminar is taken in the fall or spring semester prior to practice teaching.

Seminar on Education (TPP 401)

The seminar allows students to consider issues in education and their impact on schools, to examine current philosophies of teaching and successful classroom practices, and to explore instructional goals and rubrics appropriate for assessing student work. The seminar is taken in the same semester as Practice Teaching.

Practice Teaching (TPP 402)

Practice Teaching (also called "Student Teaching") is a full-time teaching experience in a local middle or secondary school under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and a University supervisor.  See Practice Teaching for additional details.


The portfolio is a collection of artifacts and evidence gathered throughout the Program in Teacher Preparation, and written reflections that together document the studentís progress in their professional skill development and ultimately their achievement of the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers.  The portfolio is evaluated at two checkpoints.  The first evaluation occurs prior to the beginning of Practice Teaching, and the second is a formal defense of the portfolio that occurs at the completion of Practice Teaching.  The defense must be successfully completed before the studentís application for certification can be submitted to the New Jersey Department of Education.

Test in health education

This test is administered through the office of the Program in Teacher Preparation.

PRAXIS (Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers)

Students must take and pass the appropriate PRAXIS examination(s) for the subjects and levels for which they are seeking certification. A listing of the tests can be found at NJDOE Listing of PRAXIS Test Requirements.  Students completing Practice Teaching in the fall must take the PRAXIS examinations no later than the November administration, and those completing Practice Teaching in the spring must take the examinations no later than the March administration.  More information about PRAXIS and the administration dates and sites, can be found at [].

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